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PS folks, we are going to get our youtube fansite video
collection of leann rimes greats updated with this new
dot com domain link - right now the genuises at youtube
working as backroom engineer staff dont want to email
a password reset (forgot password feature) as sane
folks in this business back hundreds of years ago seeming
like - used to , nor do they, after being provided with the
correct phone number linked to the account, wanna give
you a code with a voice call inautomated fashion as in the
old days of not too long ago you could ask for too. nah,
the only option is to text a message to you using only
that phone whether the phone can accept a text message-
is built to - can be somehow even a million bucks later given
to youtube buddies at the phone company - even then this
line just wont take a text message = not even when call
forwarded to my cellphone which has that desired feature
youtube is so hell bent on.

As a former human relations coach and a top notch computer
software developer for some years following, Id be happy to
lend these folks a hand with some free advice to stop screwing
up everyones lives with inanity of this nature - they've been told
about it a hundred thousand times plus - by others who have run
into this - with nothing but a blank in return. Now that's insanely
stupid I say of this entire "equal claiming" mindset in our midst for
crissakes eh!! Who oversees these guys eh?? Not the same non-coumpus
seeming dummies too even more, shurely!

Leann Rimes

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     Dear ms. Leann Rimes



Chris Isaac - "Devil in disguise" (video above of Elvis song) - lovely duet with
our own dear Ms. Leann Rimes - Greatest Country Star!

Fansite dedication by Mr. tom Jones vicariously:


            Leann Rimes - sex appeal! wow!

    Leann Rimes     

come back soon y'all!

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